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Ја znam tu tišinu

Ја znam tu tišinu,

u toj tišini pesma se rađa,

svoj život započinje

i sve se oko nje osećajnošću opija,

a srce se radošću i setom

u isto vreme naslađuje.


Pesma nam iz drugog sveta dolazi

i neobične poklone donosi,

poklone koje naša duša prima

i odmah počinje da oseća

čarobnost tog drugog sveta.


Tada pesma u duši oživljava

i čitav svet menja,

tako što tamu svetlom osvetljava,

a bezosećajnost osećajnošću ukrašava,

srcu sreću vraća.


I tako nam pesma u tišini dolazi

i čarobnost drugog sveta donosi...


Tijana Jokić


 Ilija IkaArt Studio


My paintings have found and find inspiration in various landscapes, motifs, and sometimes philosophical ideas that spring from life itself.

Light is a theme, a play of light and shadow and changes that occur in the scene.

The paintings were done in oil, acrylic and combined techniques.






Blessed be the nature that has arranged that what is necessary can be easily achieved, and what is difficult to achieve be unnecessary.


Light In The Darkness


Tijana Jokić



                Poetry book 'Light in the darkness' was written just after 'The way of the soul'. My poems portrait my emotions, thoughts and moods.

Poems put forward many questions about modern life. We are bound to search for answers, to look for the ways to overcome situations we sometimes find ourselves in, to make decisions. Most of the time this is not done quickly nor with ease.




Life, tasks that it assigns, people that I meet on the way, people that are present in my life as well as those that are not anymore, people that left a mark on my soul - they all constantly inspire me to write poems.


*    *    *